What Price The Reputation of Business

wwThe report on the demise of BHS would make a decent script for a mini-series. Titled “The Unacceptable Face of Capitalism” it would have a cast of colourful characters in an epic tale of greed starring Sir Philip Green.

Rarely has a single business figure come in for more vilification than he has in a report that is also highly critical of the wider financial establishment.

Sir Philip is well known as a handy retailer and BHS prospered in the early years of Green’s ownership. Perhaps his real expertise, however, lies in finance and property. As fast as BHS made money in the early years, Sir Philip Green extracted it faster. Hundreds of millions in dividends, rent and management fees were paid to companies owned by his wife who was based in Monaco – safely out of the taxman’s reach.

‘Manifestly unsuitable’

Having been efficiently gutted of profits and property, a weakened BHS lost its mojo on the high street. Sales suffered, losses were incurred and the store limped on, propped up by the success of the rest of the Arcadia group – most notably Topshop.

Meanwhile, the problem that was ultimately to sink BHS and Sir Philip’s reputation was growing. The pension scheme’s deficit began to balloon – hitting £571m by the end of last year. Sir Philip Green was well aware of the problem and had a plan to fix it, but that was aborted when it became clear how expensive it would be.

It became clear to Sir Philip that he needed to get rid of BHS at any cost. In this endeavour he was assisted by some of the biggest names in the financial establishment – most notably Goldman Sachs who gave twice-bankrupt Dominic Chappel their informal blessing and hence access to a very willing seller. For just £1 he sold it to a buyer the MPs report described as “manifestly unsuitable”.

Real victims

So willing was Sir Philip that he financially supported the person buying from him by earmarking profits from a property deal to pay Chappel’s own blue chip advisers Olswang and Grant Thornton.

He was “out of his depth” according to the report but he was a creature, at least in part, of Sir Philip Green’s creation.

There are real victims in this corporate soap opera. Shops started closing down this weekend and 11,000 workers will ultimately be out of a job while 20,000 pensioners are still waiting for Sir Philip Green to make good on a promise to “sort” the pension mess.

When I asked him when he will be returning to the UK, he said, in jest, “hopefully never” but he has unfinished business here with the Pensions Regulator and the Insolvency Service which has an investigation under way and could disqualify him from being a director.

How he goes about resolving the pension question is difficult to see but what seems clear is that unless he does something big, calls for him to be stripped of his knighthood will become louder.

What price a knighthood? According to chairman of the Work and Pensions select Committee, Frank Field – around £600m. What price the reputation of business? That is going pretty cheaply.

The Effect of Globalisation

hhFor decades there has been a strong consensus that globalisation brought more jobs, higher wages and lower prices – not just for richer countries but also for developing and poorer nations.

But many people, including politicians, are now voicing their anger as they see jobs being taken by machines, old industries disappearing and waves of migration disturbing the established order.

You don’t have to look far to see the effect of those concerns in recent events.

The Brexit referendum was dominated by concerns over immigration, the rise of Donald Trump has brought back the rhetoric of protectionismin the US and there have been mass protests in Europe over prospective international trade deals.

What is behind this backlash and what can be done to address this crisis of globalisation?

‘Free trade is stupid trade’

The US presidential election has felt like the epicentre of the rising tide of disquiet against free trade and globalisation.

Donald Trump has accused China of wanting to “starve” the US population by manipulating their currency and “cheating” on international trade.

Hillary Clinton has found herself surrounded by political challengers questioning the benefits of international trade and globalisation.

Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s opponent in the race for the Democratic nomination, defined his campaign by arguing that globalisation had hollowed out the US middle class.

Clinton’s response has been to tack towards the concerns expressed by Sanders and Trump, reneging on her previous support of TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) – the trade agreement between the US and Europe.

US manufacturing’s decline

Arguments over the decline of manufacturing in the United States have powered a lot of the heat of the 2016 US electoral cycle.

The sense of grievance is clear – the manufacturing sector in the US has seen six million jobs disappear between 1999 and 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Studies have shown that the decline in the US has been mirrored by gains in China.

Chinese imports explain 44% of the decline in employment in manufacturing in the US between 1990 and 2007, according to a report by the Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn.

Part of that decline has been down to the outsourcing of jobs to other countries but automation and more efficient processes have also taken their toll.

“All countries end up with losers from technological development – whether it is telephone operators or bank tellers,” says Gary Hufbauer, a trade expert from the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

“The problem in the US is that we don’t do much to help those people who lose out through social security support or job retraining,” says Mr Hufbauer.

Technological and economic change has hit specific geographical areas that have then found it hard to develop new industries and create jobs.

The anger that flows from this has found a home in the protectionist rhetoric of politicians like Donald Trump.

“There has been no growth in household income during the last decade in Europe, the US and Japan. People are not happy and if you have to blame someone, it is easy to blame foreigners,”‘ says Mr Hufbauer.


Samsung has Stepped up its Focus on Artificial Intelligence

ttThe acquisition comes just days after Google launched its new Pixel phone which also puts a strong focus on an AI digital assistance function.

Amazon and Microsoft are also making a push into getting computers to learn and respond like human beings.

Samsung has recently seen its image battered by the global Note 7 recall.

The company plans to use Viv in its phones, televisions and a wide range of other devices.

The deal showed Samsung’s “commitment to virtual personal assistants and is part of the company’s broader vision to deliver an AI-based open ecosystem across all of its devices and services,” the South Korean tech giant said in a statement.

“With the rise of AI, consumers now desire an interaction with technology that is conversational, personalised and contextual – an experience that fits seamlessly within their everyday lives,” the firm added.

AI boom

According to Viv Labs chief executive Dag Kittlaus, the new AI assistant’s mission is to “breathe life into inanimate objects”.

Mr Kittlaus was behind developing Siri, the digital assistant bought by Apple in 2010. He remained with Apple until he left in 2012 when he began working on Viv.

“We see a future that is decidedly beyond apps, where you can get what you need quickly and easily no matter where you are, or what device you are near,” he said.

Earlier this week, Google launched a number of new devices that also place a virtual assistant at the heart of their functionality.

The AI technology in the Google smartphones and voice-activated speakers is one step ahead of Apple’s Siri in that they can hold a conversation, in which one question or command builds on the last, rather than dealing with each request in isolation.

Retail and technology giant Amazon’s also has an AI-driven device on the market.

The company’s Echo speaker can answer questions, control other internet-connected devices, build shopping lists and link in to dozens of third-party services like Spotify, Uber or BBC News.

The Beginner’s Guide to Products

Reasons for Buying Letter Blocks

When using a quality letter block, children will understand and learn fast. The alphabets are the ingredients of a letter block. The letters block are a way that makes children see and know the letters in whatever language that they will use forever. Letter blocks have a mix of both cases of letters, and you can find them in several colors which have no toxins.

Any time you feel your kid can start using the blocks, we have ABC123 sets of blocks. The letter blocks look fantastic, if you buy it for your kids, they will enjoy and will always want to play with the letters. Also, the letters painting is in such a way that the health of your child will not experience any effect. Apart from letters and numbers on the letter blocks good looking images that portrays the aim of the blocks are available. A good example is where the “A” letter has both cases of letters (upper and lower) and an apple drawing. The use of the picture is to make a kid remember the items name as well as its first letter. A letter block enhances a child’s way of learning and also reading.

The child is likely to be creative if he or she uses a letter block. The child may use the blocks in constructing an architectural art, and this will come along with enjoyment and excitement. The block has shapes that the kid can use to come up with different images. The letter blocks play a significant role in developing the minds of children. Because of the different varieties of blocks, children can play different games and form different words and, therefore, cannot get bored easily.

Durability is one of the qualities of a letter block. We recognize that the kids must throw objects up and down every time, we have made the blocks in a way that makes wearing out impossible. Also, the painting on the blocks will not wear out even if a child tries to bite the letters. The blocks have a long life span.

In some instances, you will find individuals of all ages playing with the block letters, this is because it involves a lot of fun. Especially if there is a competition among a number of individuals in making words or puzzles, there is enjoyment.

The decision to buy a letter block is not regrettable, those playing with the letters will always keep on enjoying. The mind of your child will develop quickly and positively. Apart from improving the learning process, the letter blocks make people have fun. Using letter blocks will improve your children’s learning process.

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5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Professionals

Factors to Consider When Looking For Braces

Braces are important tools for modifying dental issues for example bent teeth and overbites. On the contrary, most of them are expensive. Hence, it is easy to realize that there are many individuals that cannot afford to buy the braces since they earn a low salary.

Moreover, the cost of braces depends on of a variety of factors. One of the most important factors is location. Since dental care centers are located in all cities, then it means that there costs vary. They usually relocate from the big towns to the small ones within various nations. In addition, it is important to note that every country also has varied kinds of prices for the same category of braces.

In addition, besides the element of locality, the price of braces also vary according to the type of dentist that you will pick. Some dentist charge expensively while another charge a lower price since they offer discounts. Thus, when you are looking for an orthodontist ensures that you pick the best in the industry. Additionally, the price of braces might also be different according to the extent of your problem and the kind of braces that you will require.

Presently, you can find many alternative kinds of braces. For instance, there are some braces that are clear and are manufactured using translucent brackets. These types are common with both children and grownups. That is because they are highly potent for straightening your teeth. Further, it creates room for you to smile wide without having to be concerned with how other people view the braces, unlike the traditional metal braces. Due to the fact that they are popular and fashionable, the price of clear braces is now increasing. Obviously, they are more expensive than the old kinds of braces.

Another common kind of braces are the Invisalign that is also common and are meant for people that do not want the traditional kind of braces. The Invisalign kinds of braces are almost invisible in your mouth. The function of the aligners is to straighten your teeth back to their normal position. Therefore, they are best for moderate dental problems; nonetheless there are some dentists that think that they are effective for severe dental problems. If you are thinking about these kinds of braces, and you are experiencing a moderate teeth problem, then the price will be almost the same as that of traditional braces. On the contrary, if you are experiencing huge problems with your teeth, then you will pay expensively.

Further, straight teeth are not everything. Therefore, that indicates that braces can help you achieve a lot more than just aligning your teeth. While searching for the best orthodontists, make sure that he can requests to view your mouth before accepting to help. Further, a competent will want to see if you have any other issues with your teeth.

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Grown-ups Take Pleasure in Field Trips to Manufacturing Locations, Too!

It is not just young children whom benefit from the opportunity to be able to participate in field trips and also to get a bird’s eye point of view regarding how the different items people use within our everyday life are made. Look at items like the various items that can be found in the shape of tubes, lines plus wiring, as an example. Most of these items are made out of diverse combos associated with high-tech plastic type materials and are produced by via an activity termed extrusion. This particular type of technology needs very specific, specialized types of equipment that will be worked by people who have had particular training. Typically, they will get started with basic extrusion training or perhaps an an in-house extruder operator training program, but for that person who really likes this specific work, you can find usually a number of techniques by which they could progress within this discipline.

People who have had extrusion training are generally allowed to work in many different aspects of plastic material production. Two unique areas tend to be aerospace and also automotive construction. The creation of your extruded type of merchandise takes place when plastic material pellets are positioned into the extruder’s hopper, which allows gravity to send them straight into a narrowed throat and after that on a long screw that is definitely consistently rotating and additionally encircled inside a heated barrel. The screw moves all the plastic along the barrel’s length and as it proceeds, the depth with the channel narrows, making friction and further heat. The plastic blends and melts and then is completely ready for any die once it makes it to the very end of the actual barrel.

As employees learn within their extrusion training programs, many operations use a selection of screens near the barrel’s finish that tend to go from more substantial to scaled-down, filtering harmful particles within the plastic melt before it goes in the die. The die is a sort of molding device that delivers the melted plastic its sought after form. When the concluded product leaves the particular die, it needs to be chilled. This frequently is completed using a water bath. The greatest concern as the fashioned product is generated is definitely that it not collapse until it is actually properly cooled down. Once the product is cool and consistent, it may be coiled, perhaps put on a spool, or perhaps cut to the particular desired length.

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What is Personal Development? With personal development you will be able to identify your weakness and strength which you can use as a tool for an employment. You are knowing the importance of each and every individual around you. Changed in a way that you are converted to being a useful person of the society. And having thoughts for others and not being a self-centered person. Though it is being said easily, there are certain steps and procedures to start with. It is much impossible reaching goals if you have not been to some significant issues in your life. Think of how will this change you into a better you. Doing any task or work done alone is achievement. This considers using our mental capability, to decide which is good and not. Well, after doing all so for this Personal Development, you will be happy of its result. Following the steps will make your set goals reachable and doable. Be one of them now. How can you be able to be a successful person? That you can only answer. For some coaches over the years, there are identified milestones that prevent a person from achieving their goals. That at the end of the journey a positive outcome is waiting for you. Will this help you change your perspective in life. Some says find an inspiration that will motivate you.
6 Facts About Training Everyone Thinks Are True
That they came out and they need help This is an action of individual to receive something offered. Be honest to yourself that you need help. These are some awful situations that makes you hard to accept changes but will be the starting point. You are now ready to grow. You are now ready to start a new beginning. You can start with your objective. It will be a waste of time and effort.
A Beginners Guide To Coaches
What is important in this process of Personal Development is how you see the world, what is your perspective in life and how you see yourself inside this world. Will you allow yourself to be a victim of life’s injustices? Or just accept what life brings? Do you see yourself controlling every situation? That you are living a fruitful life? Do you live contented and felicitous way of living. Personal Development will allow a person to open his/her self-awareness. Then the rest will follow. It is where you can control every situation that comes the way. The examples are stated above on how to start changing within you, to change first inside. We can achieve and be progressive if we learn all these useful tips.

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The Benefits of Wholesale Silver Jewelry

If you know something about beauty and the importance it plays in modern society, you might know that this is indeed nothing new, as people have, for centuries and for generations, sought after it with a lot of energy and effort. If you yourself are one of the people who find beauty very important, you might have invested a lot of money and time to find just the right type of clothes and shoes to wear, just the right kind of haircut that will suit your face and form perfectly. Aside from these things, one might also wish to purchase and wear beautiful jewelry, which shows why jewelry has definitely become very popular today. One who is looking for a good business idea, then, or one who runs a department store or another kind of shop, will benefit very much when he or she finds a good source for silver jewelry which can be purchased wholesale.

When one finds a good source of wholesale silver jewelry, he or she will be able to benefit, first of all, by being able to gain so much money. You might know that silver, compared to gold and platinum, is a cheap metal, although it is certainly very beautiful and precious in itself. Because silver can be bought and sold at a lower price, then, people can be sure that a lot of customers will invest in it, assuring them of so much earnings in the space of a short period of time.

One who finds a good source of silver which sells these items wholesale will also benefit by being able to save such a lot of money. If you know about making good business and finding the right sources for the items that you want to buy and sell, you should know that purchasing these items is much cheaper wholesale, when you buy them from the manufacturer itself. It is wonderful to know that when these items are purchased wholesale, money can definitely be saved in a very wonderful way in the long run.

If beauty is important to you, you might know that a shiny piece of jewelry will go miles to improve how you look, to highlight your features and make even casual clothing look wonderful. If you know this about silver jewelry, then, you might know that if you were to create a business out of it, to buy and sell it, you could actually benefit so many wonderful things in the long run, gaining great success for yourself. When all has been said, then, people can certainly benefit a lot of wonderful things when they find a good source of wholesale silver jewelry.

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Making Money Online: Custom T-shirts Drop-shipped Business

Did you know that you can make money online by just accepting and forwarding orders? It is called drop-shipment. In drop shipment, the merchant never handles or sees the product, because once an order is accepted, the store orders the product from a third-party who directly ships it to the end-user. A drop shipper can definitely help you fulfill your customer’s orders for your online custom shirt business. A drop-shipment fulfillment company can help you with all the things you’ll need so you can start selling customized t-shirts online. It is possible to sell your art on multiple platforms with drop shipper’s applications, and at the same time be able to provide high-quality t-shirts yo your customers.

Drop-shipment is generally providing white-label solutions printing t-shirts under your own brand, featuring your company name, logo, message or signature. Basically, a drop-shipment company just prints and ships the t-shirt for you after obtaining the order design, color and quantity from you, and you control the information of the customer. There are good drop-shipment companies that don’t charge any membership fees, and no minimum order required. You can even propose having your brand through business name and logo printed in the t-shirt tag or neckline, on the return label and packing slip. Some drop-shipment fulfillment companies also accept personalized printing on mugs, phone cases, wallets, towels, key chains and other medium your customer request.

In choosing the best drop-shipment fulfillment company, you should test the quality of their products since it will represent you and your business. It helps to research a drop-shipment fulfillment’s company profile, blogs, product ratings and reviews from actual customers. It is important to consider the accessibility of the website and its applications for ease of usage, friendly and responsive support customer service and must be certified or legitimate to operate. Indeed, internet helps a lot of people who can’t leave the house to generate income without much investment through a drop-shipment fulfillment company. There are many benefits of relying your output or product in a drop-shipment fulfillment company such as being able to create your own product line, showcase your designs, expose your merchandise to major marketplaces, eliminating trouble of posting, shipping and handling returns, established and secured ordering system, and free customer support. Once you find your trusted drop-shipment fulfillment company, you can build your brand and grow your business stress-free and hassle-free at a shorter given period without spending much. Be sure that your online business is at good hands, because you don’t like ending empty-handed.

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What Has Changed Recently With Marketing?

How The Best Companies Market The value of marketing is absolutely undeniable. The truth is that if you want to grow your business, you need to find a way to effectively market. As you are no doubt aware, though, marketing can be incredibly difficult. It takes a level of creativity and insight that most people simply don’t have. If you’re inexperienced, it will be difficult for you to produce results. In this scenario, consider hiring an outside firm. By working with marketing professionals, you can get the help to bring new customers to your small business. In time, this can help you grow your revenue. It should be stated, of course, that no two marketing teams are ever identical. It’s your job to find a marketing firm that you can really trust. Fortunately, finding a good marketing team doesn’t need to be difficult. The important thing here is that you know what you’re looking for. Before you do anything else, you’ll want to look at price. Remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune to find a skilled marketing team. If you do your homework, you should find a company that meets your fiscal demands. Remember that you have many options when it comes to marketing your company. Television ads are very effective, but you also have the option of using print media. To really be successful, though, you’ll want to look at search engine optimization. Believe it or not, most commerce takes place on the Internet. If you want to reach new customers, you need to advertise online. If you want to learn more about your options, get in touch with your marketing team. Remember that you need to market your company if you want to attract new clients.
Practical and Helpful Tips: Marketing
If you’re going to be marketing your company, it’s important to put a plan together. To begin, you’ll want to look at your target customer. You need to do everything that you can to define your ideal customer. Relevant factors include age, income, and gender. Make it a priority to avoid being overly general. If you market to too many people, your advertising will be directionless. If any of this is unclear to you, get in touch with your marketing team. Remember that strong marketing is the backbone of your small business.
The Beginners Guide To Businesses (Finding The Starting Point)
It’s important to use analytics when you’re creating your advertising plan. Remember that not every marketing campaign will work. You’re not going to improve your campaign if you don’t track your results. Tracking allows you to identify the parts of your campaign that are actually working. Get in touch with your marketing firm if you have any questions about this process. Remember that if you want to grow your marketshare, you owe it to yourself to invest in good marketing.

Why No One Talks About Companies Anymore

Why is Hr Consulting Important? Many of the small and medium businesses today think that they do not need hr consulting in their businesses. This is very risky even though it is true that some businesses have been good for quite sometime. An hr should be added to the plan of your business from as soon as you plan to begin operating. Businesses end up not becoming successful simply because they do not take hr consulting post very serious. In most medium and small businesses it is considered as something that is not so important. So one person takes all the duties in the business and believe that he/she will manage. This is such a great mistake. So how do you know that a business needs the help of an hr? The business will start accumulating work. There will be need to do both the actual business and a lot of paperwork at almost the same time. At times you may end up not controlling the way your workers are operating. It is possible to see your workers leave your business for other places. This will mostly come if you have so much to do that you give very little time to the actual work in the business. Hr consulting will be the thing that you need when you realize that the work coming from different departments is just too much. There are a number of things that a hr is specialized in so that he/she sees the business through success. Recruitment is one of the key skills that an hr will help your business with. Hr have the ability to choose between the workers that come looking for jobs so as to get the one that will drive the business to the next level. The hr will use the company’s budget to ensure that the workers are not receiving money that is outside the planned budget. Whenever there is a problem involving employees the hr will know how to hand it. The hr is responsible for ensuring that the workers are maintained in the business. The productivity of the business is therefore not likely to stop.
The Best Advice on Consultants I’ve found
It is the function of the hr to ensure that the workers are always trained so that they are at their best while working for the business. Most of the hr consultants make workshops and seminars so that they can help train leaders and the employees of a business at large. Their work mostly revolves around coming up with success plans. The productivity of a business will be maintained through these ways. Notice that all the paperwork to be done in the business are supposed to be done by the hr. With time they always know who can best replace any bigger seat that leaves. This is to say that they know the best times for promoting anyone.
Study: My Understanding of Services
Hr consultants are best in using most of the compensation softwares to bring the best of employees in a business. They are well versed with the knowledge of using the technology in the business world today. These among others are the reasons why your business will always need hr consulting.

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How to Choose the Best General Contractor General contractors who can help you with kitchen and bathroom remodeling are easy to find these days, but you should know that all of them can provide very satisfying services. Choosing the right general contractor for you home needs can be very difficult. That is why it is very important that you do a little online research first before you hire a general contractor. You need to make sure that you have an idea how these general contractors work before you hire them. Their credentials and background history are both important, and you can check it on their website. While browsing at their websites, be sure that you read the comments or the testimonials made by their previous clients. Again, there are countless of general contractors out there who can help you construct your dream house or do the kitchen and bathroom remodeling for you, but not all of them can deliver an outstanding service. It is actually wise that you ask for pieces of advice from friends, families, or neighbors who had an experience hiring the best general contractor. You also need to make sure that the general contractor which you will choose has received numbers of positive reviews. Before starting the remodeling process, it is vital that you have an idea of how it will look like. The best general contractors should be able to help you or guide you during the design process. These people should be able to assist you from beginning to the end of the design process.
A Simple Plan: Businesses
Bear in mind that you don’t have to rush things out and you need to consider some few things first before you start the project. It is also advisable that you take the time to read blogs or online articles that provide tips on how you can make your kitchen or your bathroom look better. There are also lots of magazines out there which you can draw inspiration from. These general contractors should be able to make the most out of your property. These general contractors should be equipped with the right skills, knowledge, and experience. These general contractors should also have an excellent reputation. It is very important that you are able to communicate everything that you have in mind to the general contractor.
A Simple Plan: Businesses
Make sure that you get these general contractors to write some few estimates before you start the project. You really need to call these general contractors first and ask them some relevant questions – don’t forget to raise your concerns if there is any. Make sure that these general contractors are able to answer your questions and concerns appropriately.

The 10 Best Resources For Materials

How to Find the Right Plastic Injection Molding Company The number of companies providing plastic molding injection companies has been increasing over the last 20 years. This makes it quite challenging to determine which plastic injection company you should choose. You can end up choosing a company that cannot handle your project if you don’t do good research. However, to make things easy for you, we have discussed three of the most important considerations to make when choosing a plastic molding injection company. Consider the Company’s Price Price is one of the factors that many businesses consider in any venture. However, to find the right plastic molding company, you need to consider more than just price. If you want a fruitful long-term relationship with a plastic molding company, there are other things to consider apart from price. In most cases, it is not advisable to choose a company with the lowest quote. If the supplier you have found does not match what you need, then their price does not really matter. If you miss your product launch, then the low cost benefits you may have gotten from the company will not matter. The case is similar to when you want to buy a car. You do not want to buy a cheap car only to end up with major repairs a few months after purchase. The exponential repair costs will quickly outweigh the perceived value of the car.
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Services? This May Help
Check the Company’s Reputation Find out whether the company you want to work with has a good reputation. A company that is confident it produces great products will not hesitate to direct you to its clients. You can decide whether or not to work with a specific supplier by speaking directly to past clients. When researching a company, find out about its financial stability, turnaround times, and business practices.
Services – My Most Valuable Advice
It is also important to do some research on the Internet to find out more about the company. For instance, find out whether there are any press released that the company has released in the recent past. You should also find out how the supplier’s services and products are rated at independent consumer websites. Are You Hiring the Right Company? There are a number of needs you may want the supplier you will choose to address. The supplier you choose can determine whether or not your project will be successful. This is why it is important to ensure the supplier you want to work with has helped companies like yours in the past. You can find the best supplier by considering the number of customers a company has. This is especially important if your project will require time and dedication. Follow the three tips above when choosing a plastic injection molding company.